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The new web site Gloucester Piano Tuners and Tuning Gloucestershire is now live and available. This is for G.A. Stone Piano Services, who have 23 years' experience in the field of piano tuning and repairs. They also do valuations, such as for insurance or probate purposes. If you're based in the north east, they have a new site for their office up there, see  Newcastle Piano Tuners and Tuning repairs. Their main site for Gloucestershire, West Midlands, South Gloucestershire etc is here Piano tuners tuning repairs for Gloucester, Thornbury, Cheltenham and Cirencester. They are well established and have a wide customer base.

They can tune and maintain all styles of piano. They business is run by
- G. A. Stone, B.Mus., MPTA. City & Guilds qualified.
- 23 years' experience
- Member of the Pianoforte Tuners Association
- Experienced teacher of Piano Tuning and Repairs at the Royal National College for the Blind.
- 5 years as regular tuner for the functions held by Prince Charles at Highgrove House
- Bases established in south west midlands and the north east.


Most piano owners wonder how often they need to have their piano tuned. Well the answer is, at least once a year - preferably every six months - because they will slowly go out of tune. Frames move with humidity changes, and strings stretch. If you leave it too long, the tone can drop noticeably below pitch, which then requires a more complex re-tuning strategy. What about piano maintenance? When they visit to tune your piano, they will check the mechanical state to see if it needs any maintenance.

What about trying to tune it yourself?

Well, the experts will say DON'T! This is a very delicate and precise process, with over 200 strings to get into precise tune. This needs proper training and experience to get it right. If you try to do this without knowing exactly what you are doing, you can put it seriously out of tune and even damage the piano. And that becomes expensive!

Other piano services? They carry out work in these areas: Reconditioning; Repairs; Polish Repairs, etc.

Piano Tuners Gloucestershire, West Midlands, Tyne and Wear. Piano tuning and repairs.