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Hello, and welcome to Bumbles Upholstery. Below are some examples of the upholstery services that we can offer you.


After - with enhanced wood grain

Re-Upholstery includes:

  • Helping you to find the right fabric for re-covering your sofa / armchair / dining chair / etc
  • providing new seat- and back-cushion fillers, and cutting them to the exact size
  • stripping old varnish from the wood, and providing the right new finish to bring out the colour and grain of the wood

We have the skills to bring your furniture back to its former glory, from simple re-covering, to completely renovating your old, (& possibly slightly battered) smaller items of furniture.

We have the skills to strip the wood right down, allowing us to renovate the wood: stain, oil and polish the surfaces (on small coffee tables too).

We can also re-web, re-spring (if required) & rebuild old dining seats, stool tops & small chairs.

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