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Tony Chamberlain's new book, "The Promise of the Father", is now available. Tony Chamberlain is an anointed Bible teacher, a very experienced church pastor and one of the best bible teachers I have heard. He writes about the living experience of the Holy Spirit that is available to all Christians. Many have a theory about the "baptism in the Holy Spirit", but clearly have failed to experience the reality of those special and sometimes powerful moments when we are FILLED with the Spirit. Some say this feels like “heaven's electricity”, or in internal flowing of heat and the closeness of God’s love, and many other expressions. Many Christians know the reality of this, and also of those supernatural Gifts of the Spirit described in the Bible, in 1 Corinthians chapter 12.

Tony’s book clearly lays down the scriptural evidence, and explains the reality of Holy Spirit ministry in the lives of those who are open and wiling to receive him. I recommend this detailed study of the subject to all Christians, whether you are an ordinary Christian, or student at Bible College, or a church pastor.

David Smethurst, international evangelist audio MP3s

Classical singing lessons by one of East Anglia's leading vocal coaches, Gareth Williams. Over twenty years of singing and teaching experience enable me to help you to establish a sound vocal technique, which is essential for maintaining good vocal health and a reliable approach to your singing. If you are serious about improving your singing, you need vocal training. In my approach,  I aim to adapt my teaching style to suit your personal needs. Professional singing lessons help you to discover the true nature of your voice.  A vocal coach shows you how to establish relaxed dynamic breathing patterns, good vocal health, and learn how to overcome performance nerves. 

Fit'nFertile Fit 'n Fertile dog supplements, dog food supplements for dogs, dog nutrition products for dog health care, keep your dog fit and fertile. Dog health care is important to you. That's why you've come to this web site. We believe in providing you with the very best formulae for dog nutrition. We only use top-quality ingredients, prepared under carefully-controlled conditions. Traditional foods are OK - up to a point. But do they contain the special extras essential for tip-top condition and fitness, especially for shows, or for breeding? Pregnant bitches need to be in the best of health. Suckling bitches need a boost to provide the best milk for their puppies. And weaning pups need a little extra help in those first few weeks of life.

Lisa Cassidy Soprano Opera Singer www.lisacassidy.co.uk Superb rising star Lisa Cassidy recently completed her second year of post-graduate study at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama studying opera and concert singing under Judith Howarth and Pat MacMahon. In 2008 she was accepted onto the Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme to study Schubert song with Christian Gerhaher and Gerold Huber. In 2007 she was awarded a bursary to attend the inaugural Oxford Lieder Master Course, working with Sarah Walker, Ian Partridge and Richard Stokes. In recital she has performed alongside Judith Howarth and Malcolm Martineau in The Hub in Edinburgh, and has been invited back to sing at the Music Festival in St Lawrence-Jewry, London.

Headway Acoustic Pickups, Acoustic Preamplifiers and Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers www.headwaymusicaudio.com Headway Music Audio Ltd is the UK’s top supplier of acoustic pickup systems for hand-made and production workshop guitars and the second largest supplier of retrofit acoustic pickups for after market pro installation. Internationally, dedicated distribution reaches at least 20 territories, plus assorted dealers and makers. Sales continue to grow, led by the High End HE2 Active Under saddle acoustic Pickups, plus Shire King acoustic guitar Amplifiers and The Band "instant fit" pickups for Violin family instruments. Headway's Snake3 & HE2 Under saddle active pickups utilise a unique European made Co-axial Piezo sensor cable as primary pickup material.

Southmead Baptist Church in Bristol, Bethany

Richard Richardson Handmade table Maker - Custom Furniture Makers. Furniture Designs: something different, something special, something unique. I've been in the professional furniture makers business for many years, I produce custom designs in interesting woods to your requirements. Handmade tables and other furniture. These are unique custom designs, not mass produced. I do not use veneers - this is solid hardwood. Do you want handmade tables? I have been an artisan furniture craftsman at my Prinknash workshop for 25 years, and have spent much of that time custom designing and making tables. Handmade dining table bases present many opportunities for flowing forms and lines, while the tops are a wonderful opportunity for beautiful examples of God's artistry in the figure of the timbers of our native shores. The most important thing for me is that there should always be an ongoing and motivating force of intrigue in my work, to see how each piece of furniture will actually stand on completion.